Women's Vitality

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New Aesthetics - Women's Vitality

It's an unfortunate fact of life. Women start to experience incontinence issues after childbirth. Women who are going through perimenopause, menopause, or who are experiencing postmenopausal symptoms can also experience situations with incontinence because of their hormone levels dropping. Treating concerns such as prolapse, vaginal laxity (a relaxation of the vaginal walls) can increase your self-confidence and cause dryness, pain during intercourse, and more. 

Some of the things that women begin to notice include 

  • Stress incontinence: this is when you pee a little when you laugh, sneeze, or cough. We've found that women are a lot more open about discussing the fact that this even happens. We're seeing patients who are open to looking at treatment options rather than suffering in silence. Many factors can contribute to developing this condition, including childbirth, your genetics, and your weight. 
  • Vaginal atrophy: We all know that a woman's hormone levels can drop when a woman enters menopause. These estrogen levels can change dramatically and can affect a woman's bladder, vulva, and vagina. We're not only more tired; we're also experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, and possibly, vaginal atrophy. This is when the walls of the vagina become thinner, easily inflamed, and drier. All of those symptoms lead to painful intercourse, which is no fun at all! 
  • Vaginal laxity: Also known as vaginal relaxation syndrome, this is when you experience a loss of friction and therefore, satisfaction during intercourse. Most often, this is a result of having given birth, but sometimes it is just from the natural aging process. The inevitable loss of collagen and loss of connective tissues in the skin can affect you as well. 

No woman wants to feel unattractive, exhausted, or self-conscious about themselves. With New Aesthetics Women's Vitality programs and appropriate hormone therapy, we'll have you looking and feeling fantastic in no time. Come in and work with us to find a treatment option that will help restore your confidence!

Treatments for Women's Vitality

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