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Your Med Spa in Spring Hill, TN.

Choosing a med spa in Spring Hill, TN, shouldn’t be a struggle. Deciding to make a change is hard enough. So building a foundation for a long-term relationship with a medical spa is a crucial step. It helps you gain the confidence to move forward in making yourself look the very best that you can. You deserve to feel great day in and day out.


New World of Medicine

Modern medicine is more than just emergency rooms and prescriptions. The bedrock philosophy of the medical profession has branched out into whole new worlds that work on bringing out the best possible you. It can harness your inner beauty and push it to the forefront, where everyone can see you for who you are. You can show up as your true self, a confident person, ready to take on the world. That’s where Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill comes in.

So how do you start? How do you get on the path to being more comfortable in your own skin? And how do you find someone to bring out the best possible you and trust that they will keep your best interests at heart? How do you choose someone who will listen to you and provide a personalized treatment program to maximize your ability to shine?

Modern Aesthetics Is on Your Side.  When you are searching for a medical spa in Spring Hill, TN, all you need is the office of Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill. Modern Aesthetics offers the most advanced therapies in the area at fair and affordable prices. Just some of the offerings available to you are:

Facials  -    Peels -    Botox -    Dermal fillers -    Laser hair removal -    Microdermabrasion -    Microneedling -    Laser skin resurfacing -    Laser vaginal rejuvenation -    Female stress incontinence treatment -    PRP -    Cellulite treatment -    Body sculpting - Skin tightening -    ZO Skin Health, by Dr. Zein Obagi -               Microblading - Lash Lift - Permanent Eyeliner - Permanent Lips - 

Finding the perfect path to change is simple when you choose Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill. We conduct all treatments under the supervision of certified members of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Our staff has over 30 combined years of experience practicing medicine. We have a passion for making others feel more confident and more comfortable in their skin. We strive to provide clients with amazing results from every treatment and therapy performed.

It is our sincere desire to make all of our patients smile. We love to improve self-esteem, instill a willingness to believe in yourself, and make all patients look dynamite. This is the cornerstone of every patient relationship that we foster at Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill.

Whether you are just needing to find a spot to get BOTOX  in Spring Hill, TN, or want even more options, Modern Aesthetics of Spring Hill has got you covered. We love the art and science of aesthetics, and our spa is committed to enhancing your self-confidence. We are honored to see the results of our distinctive treatments and therapies on the faces of our patients. It is the very reason why we do what we do.

Spring HIll TN Med Spa

Dr Andrew Averett

Dr. Andy Averett is Board Certified in Aesthetic medicine with the American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine.  He is a widower who was born in Linden, TN in 1960, and is the proud father of two children.  He received his MD from The University Of Tennessee Center For Health Science. He has practiced for thirty years in general medicine and emergency room and served as Chief of staff at  Perry Community hospital. Dr. Averett is the past medical director of Buffalo Valley, Inc. Current medical director at Mending Hearts, Inc. Practicing addictionologist at Cedar Recovery in Columbia, TN.  

Dr. Averett decided to pursue his career in medical aesthetics due to the desire to perform technical  procedures that enhance the self confidence of others. He loves the art of Aesthetics, and the ability to make men and women of all ages smile. While making others happy, he loves to see the results of unique treatments that he offers.  Improving patient self esteem is his primary focus at Modern Aesthetics Of Spring Hill.  

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